With your CONTOUR® Choice card, eligible privately insured or cash customers can save up to $105 per month on your test strip copays, and up to $25 per month if you are a cash paying patient.

This includes CONTOUR® NEXT, CONTOUR®, and BREEZE® 2 test strips.

Your CONTOUR® Choice card is valid for up to 12 monthly test strip fills.

Saving with your card is simple and easy. Just bring it with you to your local pharmacy and present it to your pharmacist every time you bring a valid prescription. Activation is instant. There are no forms to fill out and nothing to send back in the mail, ever.

Yes, the Contour® CHOICE card savings are good on test strips used exclusively with CONTOUR®, CONTOUR®NEXT or Breeze® meters.

Please email us at support@contournext.com