Program Benefits

  • 1. One net price.
  • 2. No waiting for checks.
  • 3. No charge CONTOUR®NEXT meters for eligible* customers.
  • 4. No charge CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meters (3) and CONTOUR®NEXT EZ meters (3) for eligible customers and professionals through your wholesaler in the CONTOUR®NEXT Medicare Pre-Pack.
  • 5. Access to Medicare/Medicaid diabetes testing supply products through your Drug Wholesaler.
  • 6. No paperwork.
  • 7. No minimum purchase requirements.

Products included in the retail Medicare/Medicaid program:


 Ascensia ProductAscensia Product NumberNDC Codes
CONTOUR®NEXT Test Strips 50s (yellow label) 7308 0193-7308-50
CONTOUR®Test Strips 50s
7097 0193-7097-50

*Eligible customers are patients in the United States, District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico with diabetes, whose diabetes management supplies are covered as a medical benefit by Medicare Part B and/or Medicaid (except in those states where Medicaid covers Ascensia Products as a pharmacy benefit) and shall exclude those patients covered by a Medicare+ Choice (Medicare Advantage) plan or by a managed care plan under which Ascensia Products are considered a pharmacy benefit.