Frequently Asked Questions

Is my pharmacy eligible for No Charge meters?
Under the Medicare/Medicaid Program, your pharmacy is eligible for No Charge meters. These meters are primarily made available through the program’s telesales support, which makes outbound calls to pharmacies signed up under the program. Additionally, No Charge meters can be obtained through:
  • Ordering the Medicare Pre-Pack (6 free meters + 12 50-count test strips)
  • E-mail:
  • RX BIN codes provided through mailings to pharmacies
Is there any paperwork required?
There is no paperwork required to receive your rebate because the Medicare/Medicaid Program is a net pricing program.
How will I know if my application is accepted?
You will be notified by Ascensia of the acceptance of your application as well as the status of Ascensia notification to the specified Authorized Ascensia Drug Wholesaler listed on your application.
Who can I sell this product to?
The test strips can only be sold to a patient who has Medicare or Medicaid benefits.
What if I do not use any of the listed claims processing companies?
You will be required to provide electronically to the Ascensia Diabetes Care Customer Order Services Department at, a report on a monthly basis, within fifteen (15) days from the end of each month, in a file and format, containing claim submission tracing information, including the NDC of CONTOUR ® NEXT, CONTOUR®OR BREEZE®2 Products submitted to Medicare/Medicaid, the quantity of the Products submitted to Medicare/Medicaid, the date of service and identified patient information sufficient and acceptable to Ascensia.
What happens if I change my wholesalers?
If you change wholesalers please fill out the online form again with the new wholesaler, and we will notify your wholesalers of the change.
How many wholesalers may I use?
Ascensia Diabetes Care only allows you to use one authorized wholesaler of your choice.
What is the minimum or maximum quantity I can order?
The Ascensia Medicare/Medicaid Program has no minimum or maximum purchase requirement.
What will be the pricing of the product?
Please contact the wholesaler with whom you will be participating in the Ascensia Medicare/Medicaid Program with for the pricing of the product.
How do I order Ascensia Product?
Once your pharmacy is approved, the Ascensia Medicare/Medicaid SKUs for CONTOUR®NEXT, CONTOUR®, and BREEZE®2 will become active in your order system. All products will be shipped to you by your designated wholesaler.