Product Features

  • Exclusive:
    CONTOUR®NEXT LINK 2.4 is the only FDA-approved meter for use with the MiniMed® 630G system with SmartGuard technology
  • Highly Accurate
    The high accuracy and precision demonstrated by the CONTOUR®NEXT LINK 2.4 Meter has helped to close the gap between laboratory accuracy and real-word test results1,2
  • Experts agree that accurate blood glucose readings are important for insulin pump systems to help avoid hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, and insulin dosing errors3
  • Wireless Connection:
    The CONTOUR®NEXT LINK 2.4 Meter wirelessly sends results proven to be highly accurate to the MiniMed® 630G pump for easy and accurate insulin dosing and CGM calibration1
  • Remote Bolusing:
    Easy-to-use manual or preset remote bolusing from the CONTOUR®NEXT LINK 2.4 Meter for discreet insulin delivery

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How to Use

Training Videos

To link your CONTOUR®NEXT LINK 2.4 Meter to your MiniMed® 630G insulin pump, please refer to the Quick Reference Guide below: 

For MiniMed® 630G insulin pump users:

English Quick Guide    Spanish Quick Guide 

For instructions on using the CONTOUR®NEXT LINK 2.4 Meter, refer to the User Guide: 

For MiniMed® 630G insulin pump users:

English User Guide   Spanish User Guide

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